Welcome to the collage portfolio of Toby Laurent Belson.
Toby is a multi-disciplinary artist based in West London where he practices community arts, design and education. 
'Samplism' is a style and technique of collage that Toby has been developing as his personal practice since 2011.
Recent work includes the 'London Brew' album cover. A contemporary jazz masterpiece that reimagines Miles Davis’ legendary album 'Bitches Brew'.
The first works in the style are the 'Women of Colour' series. Cut from a variety of magazines, they depict well known and lesser known women of the African diaspora.
The second works are the first of the 'Family' series, portraits and self-portraits of family members.
The 'Mother, Father & Child' triptych series was completed in 2018, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of Stephen Lawrence.
A fourth series - 'Pioneers' - explores the achievements of members of the Black British community
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