'London Brew' are a jazz supergroup, formed to celebrate, commemorate and reimagine one of the greatest albums ever made, 'Bitches Brew' by renowned musical artist, Miles Davis.
A Samplism artwork was commissioned to become the album cover for this contemporary experimental Jazz album.
The first artwork created for the London Brew Album commission was a series of circular collages for each individual artist - 12 in total - plus a thirteenth of London itself, interspersed with illustrations originally created by Miles Davis. These made up the artwork '13 Rings'.
Each collage was cut from stills taken from the 3-day studio session, highlighting the artist and their instruments.
The background was handpainted, to reflect a London atmosphere - a space that can be at once illuminating, bright and magical and simultaneously damp, violent and mysterious. Drops and splatters of deep purple reflect the issues of serious youth violence and distress that affect people across the city. Some drops are worked into, just as families and communities work through the traumas and challenges that the city presents.
Elements of these artists rings are included in the final album cover artwork.

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