women of colour

Many shades of wonder. On beginning the first of these portraits, I was instantly drawn in by a combination of visual, tactile, intellectual and spiritual manoeuvres. As a child, I loved cutting paper using scissors and knives and I have a strong recollection of the moment I first cut a straight line with scissors. I would go through countless copies of my mother's magazines - vogue, elle and marie claire - and the one or two car magazines that I owned and treasured. I would daydream within the pages. Later as a teenager I collected my own copies of *wallpaper magazine and I gained a collection of Frieze magazine. I would rarely read the words, except to take in the brands and names of models and designers. I resent the brands today and the models and designers no longer interest me but, I can still get lost in the relentlessly captivating and overproduced images of a magazine. This absolute capture is replicated in today's social media. During my process I am consumed by the subject and the images flowing off the pages of the magazines and books I surround myself with. Images, colours and words swirl together with my conscious and subconscious knowledge of the subject like a soup. I remember reading in a biography of Marvin Gaye, that he would listen to the early stages of a new piece of music and use his voice to make sounds repeatedly until words would slowly form. He would perform a dance between his vocal abilities, his mind, his spirit and the music.